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Farmington Youth Baseball-Minnesota

FYB Apparel Store

Please click the link below to take you to our online apparel store.

Store will remain open until May 7th.

Orders will be available for pickup during Picture Days on May 30th & 31st.


How to find League Schedules

  1. Click on League up above-drop down will appear
  2. Click on desired League-not on team name
  3. Schedule will be posted as a PDF right below the Commissioner’s name

Please refer to your Coaches on practice start times. Games will start at 6:15pm. It is up to the Coaches to let you know what time they want you there for warm-ups on game nights.

Upcoming Important Dates

 *more detail to follow on these events*

April 26th- Practice starts (1st Grade, 4/5 League, 8/9 & 10/11 Leagues)

April 27th– Practice starts (Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 6/7 League)

May 13th – Twins Play Ball Clinic

May 30th- Picture Day (Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 6/7 League)

May 31st- Picture Day (1st Grade, 4/5 League, 8/9 & 10/11 Leagues)

June 9-11th- Mid-Season Tournament (4/5 & 6/7 Leagues)

June 24th- Kindergarten & 1st Grade Tournament

July 14-16th – 2nd and 3rd Grade Tournament

July 21-23rd – 4/5 League and 10/11 League Tournaments

July 28-29th – 6/7 League and 8/9 League Tournaments

Field Status


Thursday, April 27th

posted at 12:15pm on 4/27

** Fields are open unless updated closed with the current date**